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2017 Community Survey Report  |  2013 Community Survey Report

2017 Community Survey Summary
Every few years, the City undertakes a broad based survey of the community. It’s the most effective way to obtain feedback that is reliable and statistically representative of the entire community. It provides a means to check that our service delivery is on track in all areas as we determine how best to allocate public funds. This process also helps us identify any key issues that may require our attention.

For 2017, the City contracted with Illuminology (formerly The Strategy Team), with a hybrid data collection approach to account for UA’s higher percentage of older adult demographics. 1,500 randomly selected households across the community were first invited to complete the survey online. After a couple weeks, a hard copy version of the survey was mailed to those households yet to complete the survey. A total of 521 residents (35%) completed the survey.

Overall, residents hold strong, positive views of life in Upper Arlington
Nearly all respondents believe UA is a great place to live and raise children, and most are satisfied with how things are going in the City. Although the majority of residents rate the quality of most municipal services provided by the City as “excellent” or “good,” the quality ratings for trash and recycling collection services decreased significantly from 2013 to 2017.

Most are supportive of UA’s capital improvement investments
Over three-quarters of residents (77%) reported being “very” or “somewhat satisfied” with the capital improvements work completed since 2014. Furthermore, 80% are in favor of the City paying for the installation of new sidewalks on qualifying streets to expand safe access to schools, if funds are available to do so. Lastly, most (75%) support the idea of the City improving recreational facilities, among other infrastructure investments, as part of its Capital
Improvements Program.

Satisfaction with the City’s economic development efforts
Most residents are “very” or “somewhat satisfied” with the economic development that has occurred along Lane Avenue over the past few years. They are also satisfied with the economic development that has occurred in the Kingsdale area.

Opinions about government officials are mostly positive
Most survey respondents trust Upper Arlington’s government officials to do the right thing most of the time, and a majority agree with the statement, “The Upper Arlington City Council effectively represents the attitudes and opinions of UA residents.”


2010 Citizen Survey Report
Report of Results  |  Benchmark Report Demographic Subgroup Comparisons  |  Demographic Trends
Geographic Subgroup Comparisons  |  Open-Ended Question Report

In 2010, the City utilized the National Citizen Survey, which is tied to the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Performance Measurements. This standardized approach provided access to comparisons with other communities.  

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  • 2017 Community Survey
    The 2017 Community Survey process is complete and the report can be viewed here. Our thanks to all who participated.
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