City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

Public Records Requests

The City Clerk’s Office is responsible for the timely filling of public records requests.  

Records Request Form- City Administration

Records Request Form- POLICE & MAYORS COURT

Online Records Portal

Once we receive your request, it will be fulfilled in a reasonable amount of time.  When your request is ready, we will communicate with you any charges that are due before the records are released.  Our inclusive fee schedule is available here.  The Clerk’s Office charges the actual cost of filling the request, excluding labor.  Items like paper copies, disks, postage, professional scanning and transportation charges must be paid prior to release.

Record Management Policy

In accordance with state law and the Upper Arlington Records Commission, the City follows Schedules of Records Retention that identify these records. The records maintained by the City, and the ability to access them, is a means to provide trust between our citizens and the City.

To view the City's Records Management Policy, please click here.

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News & Notices

  • 2017 Community Survey
    The 2017 Community Survey process is complete and the report can be viewed here. A presentation of the results to City Council is scheduled for the Monday, August 28 City Council Meeting, which begins at 7:30 p.m.
  • UA Insight - Fall 2017
    There's lots of good info in our fall edition: the Parks & Rec. Comprehensive Plan, an update on the J. Liu project, the Fire Division's launch of a new paramedicine program, highlights of the Community Survey, fall service updates & more.
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