City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

Probation Office

The purpose of the Probation Office is to monitor those placed on probation after being convicted of a misdemeanors offense.  When an adult is given a suspended jail sentence in the Upper Arlington Mayor's Court, he/she is placed on probation for a period of time determined by the Court.  Conditions of probation may include, but are not limited to, community service work, counseling, and alcohol/drug treatment.  The Probation Officer reviews the rules and special conditions with the probationer and monitors and verifies compliance with the Court ordered conditions and rules.  The Probation Officer also arranges the community service assignments and placements, and verifies completion of the required work.  Additionally, those placed on probation are required to check in with the Probation Officer on a regular basis.  Should a probationer violate any rules of probation, fail to comply with any Court ordered conditions, or commit any new offenses, he/she is required to return to Court.  The Court may, at that time, continue the person on probation with the same conditions, change the conditions, or revoke probation and reimpose any portion, or all, of the original sentence.

For information regarding probation through the Franklin County Municipal Court System, please contact one of the following organizations:
Adult Parole Authority
Franklin County Municipal Probation
Franklin County Common Pleas Probation
Franklin County Juvenile Probation
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