City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

Victims' Rights

Victim Assistance Program

Domestic violence is perhaps the most insidious of all crimes.  The crime is committed by a family member, a loved one, someone familiar to the victim.  The crime has a ripple effect in that everyone in the household, oftentimes an employer, and others are impacted by the violence.  Fear often prevents the crime from being reported.  "It won't happen again," or "I asked for it," or "He is just frustrated," are often repeated by victims who deny the impact violence has in their lives.

As soon as a Domestic Violence incident is reported, the Upper Arlington Victim's Assistance Program begins:

  • The Prosecutor is initially contacted by the Upper Arlington Police.  The Prosecutor is available at all times to help the victim and answer any questions.  If a charge is filed, the Prosecutor and victim are informed of the date, time and location of the Temporary Protection Order hearing.
  • The Prosecutor meets the victim before the Temporary Protection Order hearing in court to explain the victim's role in the prosecution procedure and the possible penalties for the defendant.
  • The Prosecutor discusses with the victim what a Temporary Protection Order is and how it operates.  The Prosecutor also informs the victim about the CHOICES counseling program.
  • The victim is given an informational manual that addresses questions regarding domestic violence.
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