City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

Good Neighbor Guidelines

Scattered throughout the City's Codified Ordinances are regulations that specifically pertain to issues commonly found on private property in residential neighborhoods. These "good neighbor" guidelines are briefly summarized in this section.

Block Parties
City Manager's Office: 614-583-5040 | More Info & Application Form
Get to know your neighbors, but first obtain a block party permit at least a week prior to the scheduled event. Block parties are not permitted on any of the City's main thoroughfares. A block party permit, plus fee is required to cover administrative costs and the delivery of barricades to ensure your event's safety.

Building Permits
Community & Economic Development Department: 614-583-5070 | More Info
In keeping with state and national policies and building codes, the City requires building permits and inspections for any new construction and specific remodeling and home improvement projects to ensure that buildings are safe for their intended use.

Police: 614-583-5410
The City's curfew restricts persons under 12 years of age from being out unsupervised by an adult from 9 p.m.-5:30 a.m., and persons between 13-18 years from being out unsupervised from Midnight-5:30 a.m.

Planning: 614-583-5070 | Brochure
Fences must be constructed according to location and height provisions in the City's Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). Of particular note - fences must be erected so that exposed posts and supporting cross-elements face the property initiating the request.

Garage Sales
Code Compliance: 614-583-5070 | Brochure
Residents may conduct one garage/yard sale per residence during any six-month period not to exceed three consecutive days or two consecutive days on two consecutive weekends. Sales may be conducted from 8 a.m.-8 p.m.

Home Offices
Planning: 614-583-5070
Certain non-residential activities may be allowed in a residential district, but must be compatible with the neighborhood in which they are located and not create a negative impact. A Certificate of Zoning Compliance is required.

House Numbering
Code Compliance: 614-583-5070
House numbers (using Arabic numerals) should be placed in a conspicuous place on the front elevation of the primary structure, and be a minimum of four inches in height to enable police and fire crews to locate a residence quickly. Be sure that numbers are not obscured by heavy snow or leaves, and are not covered with decorations during the holiday season.

Code Compliance: 614-583-5070
The dumping of any garbage or litter on any public street, park or other public area, or on any private property without the owner's consent is not allowed. The placement or disposal of any refuse on private property without taking reasonable precautions to prevent it from spreading off the property is not permitted.

Unnecessary Noise
Police: 614-583-5410
Out of consideration for others, the emission of any unreasonably loud, disturbing and unnecessary noise that disturbs the peace and quiet of the community or an individual is not allowed.

Work Operations
Code Compliance: 614-583-5070
The following operations are not permitted on Sundays or during the evening hours between 7 p.m. and 7:30 a.m.: Commercial garbage collection, construction, operation of construction machinery, power tools or appliances, commercial parking lot sweeping.

Code Compliance: 614-583-5070
Regulations are in place regarding the placement/parking of vehicles in residential areas to maintain safety standards and preserve the community's aesthetic appeal:

  • Commercial and other vehicles having more than four tires may not be parked/stored on a residential property unless fully contained within an enclosed structure.
  • Passenger vehicles may not be parked on grass.
  • Vehicles that have one or more flat or missing tires, are not licensed, are missing mechanical or electrical parts necessary for their operation or are otherwise not capable of being started and driven are defined as inoperable vehicles. Inoperable vehicles must be parked or stored within a completely enclosed structure.
  • Recreational vehicles including camper trailers, motor homes, boats must be parked/stored within the buildable area of a lot and screened from view. They may not be parked on the grass.

Police: 614-583-5410 | Brochure
Click on the brochure link here for full details on the following:
- Barking dogs
- Cruelty/neglect
- Dog licenses
- Leash laws for dogs and cats
- Maximum number of pets per household
- Prohibited animals
- Lost pet resources

Wildlife Control | More Info
Police: 614-583-5410
Central Ohio is home to a vast array of wildlife, but with wildlife also comes a host of “problem animals.” As of 2011, the City of Upper Arlington no longer has an Animal Control unit, but you and your family can take simple DIY measures to prevent attracting unwanted wildlife to your home or neighborhood. Click the link above to see all the "problem animals" common to Upper Arlington, preventative measures and resources to contact if these animals become a problem.  

Political Signage
Code Compliance: 583-5070 | Contact Code Compliance
The City's Political Signage Ordinance is consistent with Ohio Revised Code, limited to regulation of the size and location of political signs, not the message. Further, the City can only request that signs be removed from private property if they are in a state of disrepair. If signs have been inappropriately placed in public spaces (including the street right of way) or you are concerned about the physical condition of signs in a neighbor's yard, contact Code Compliance. If you have concerns about the language contained on signage, contact the Ohio Elections Commission at 614-466-3205 ( Political signs placed on private property are private property. Theft charges will be filed against persons found to have taken such signs. Residents should place their name on political signs, so they can be returned if stolen and later recovered.

Signs & Ribbons in City Parks
Parks & Forestry: 614-583-5340
No signs, including posters, yard signs or ribbons, may be placed on park property, except on designated bulletin boards. Per City  Ordinance 907.06: “No person shall attach any rope, wire, … or other contrivance to any tree or shrub… without authorization.” The Park & Forestry crew routinely removes such items during regular maintenance, trash removal, and mowing. See the code here.

City Manager's Office: 614-583-5040
The City has established guidelines and requirements for groups or individuals wishing to go door-to-door in the community for the purposes of selling items or services, or canvassing residents.

Storm Damage Responsibilities
Parks & Forestry: 614-583-5340
In the event of severe storms resulting in fallen trees and tree limbs, the property owner is responsible for the clean up of debris from trees located on private property. The City is responsible only for the debris from street trees in the public right-of-way and in City parks.

Parks & Forestry: 583-5340
Trees within the public right-of-way are managed and regulated by the City. Permits are required prior to performing any tree work within the right-of-way. Trees on private property belong to the property owner, and owners are free to plant, prune or remove trees on their land following verification of property lines. Issues regarding trees on or near property lines may require legal counsel. Dead or dangerous trees on private property may be subject to condemnation as a public nuisance if they threaten the safety of others.

Yard Care
Code Compliance: 614-583-5070 | Contact Code Compliance
The proper care and maintenance of property and landscaping benefits the entire community. Grass must not exceed 10 inches in height. Properties should also be kept free of noxious weeds such as thistle, burdock, jimson, ragweed, poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac. Failure to comply with these guidelines could result in the property owner/resident receiving a notice from the City to rectify the situation within five days of receipt of said notice. After five days, the City will make arrangements to cut the grass/weeds at the owner's expense. The property owner/resident is responsible for maintaining the lawn/grass and eliminating the noxious weeds throughout the year (only one written notification will be sent to the property owner/resident during each calendar year).

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